in colors
we trust

Your dreams are important to us.

We believe in the power of colors so we create things that make you feel happy.

We love extravagance with style, we want to surprise with shapes, patterns and fabrics.
Our things are eclectic and make you stand out from the crowd.


We combine perfect Polish craft with design of the future.


Kalina Valentovitch

a lover of all art forms who makes most of life, an artist that loves people. She was born and raised in Warsaw, in a family of actors and musicians. She discovered her fascination with fashion when she was 7.
She spent her free time on designing creations, drawing, singing, sewing and painting.
Inspired by world fashion houses, she decided she would create her own amazing brand.
In 2015, after many years of artistic activity, she reaped the harvest.
Kalina wanted to introduce more colors into human life. She created the brand Valentovitch and charmed the recipients with her first collection of shoes. She always liked to stand out from the crowd, that's why she creates things that make her customers stand out as well. Since then, she has shown the world that fashion is art. She combines her love for painting, music and design, creating luxurious, unique models and paintings.